Our finalists

The following amazing 8 Start-ups have been part of the ‘nexuslab festival‘ on July 7, 2016 in Zurich:

Taqanu Bank, Norway

Taqanu Bank provides blockchain-based identification and banking services including debit cards and checking accounts for migrants, refugees, expatriates and remote workers regardless of residency status or available documentation.

ProofOfYou, Estonia

Proof of you has a team of lawyers and IT experts working on digitizing the whole contract life-cycle together with strong digital signature, while connecting lawyers and their customers globally.

Paymeabit, Italy

Paymeabit is a Value Network, a platform where content, such as a comment, a photo, a video or a blog post, can earn value in bitcoin. Paymeabit enables this by allowing every ‘like’ to have a value in bits – a fractions of bitcoin. This makes it easy for all users to monetize their content with bitcoin nanotransactions.

Zeptagram, Sweden

Zeptagram wants to create more value for composers, publishers and holders of intellectual music properties by inviting fans and investors to our trading platform. A stock exchange for music intellectual properties. Based on a blockchain platform, we create more transparency and trust.

Zlick, Estonia

Zlick is bringing 0 click micropayments to the web. Their solution enables online publishers, for the first time, to sell individual articles for 0.10-1€ in a completely frictionless manner. Customers pay at the end of the month with their mobile bill.

Mamoru, Germany

Mamoru provides a global immutable proof of ownership and proximity for any high-value portable item such as a bicycle. Using the app and the identification kit, users can register permanently their possessions into the blockchain. In case of theft, the item can be easily tracked back to its legitimate owner facilitating recovery.

WONE, Finland

Wone makes payments across different mobile wallets possible through an interoperable Person-to-Person mobile payment solution in Europe. This allows anybody to send money to their friends even if they don’t have the same mobile app., Switzerland a communication system which connects SME’s to their clients in the manner of an instant messaging system. It is optimized for document transfer, and offers end-to-end encryption, real-time document tracking, automatic cloud storage, and blockchain-based digital certified letters.

The programme

Taking a novel approach to fostering startups, nexuslab introduces a programme inspired by the blockchain paradigms of decentralisation, trust and efficiency. To extend the range and expertise of its mentor network, the programme will collaborate with Startupbootcamp Fintech.

nexuslab will host its three-month programme, which will take place in a predominantly virtual setting based on a secure collaboration platform to facilitate tailored coaching sessions and offer on-demand training. Three weekend hangout sessions in major European cities will provide founders of participating startups with the opportunity to meet face-to-face and learn directly from successful fintech companies. Throughout the program, the start-ups will be individually matched with senior level mentors and financial services experts to receive practical advice on regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of their specific business. nexuslab will collaborate with Startupbootcamp Fintech to provide participants access to selected experts and build on Startupbootcamp’s experience of helping and growing startups. During the final month of the programme, all teams will gather at the nexuslab pop-up lab in Zurich for additional in-person mentoring and to prepare their ideas for a pitch day.

The second edition of nexuslab will take place later in 2016. Please stay tuned for further information on apllication and programme start to come.

nexuslab will consider applications both from teams with convincing early-stage ideas and startups that have already acquired seed funding. At least one of the founders needs to be based in Europe. nexuslab is open to fintech ventures with business models based on or related to blockchain technology. The programme features three tollgates at which a decision will be made whether a team will progress to the next stage. This built-in selection mechanism allows nexuslab to start with a larger pool of teams and give entrepreneurs with early-stage ideas a chance to prove themselves.

What we offer:

  • Dedicated blockchain start-up programme
  • Extensive mentorship from entrepreneurs, investors, and partners from financial institutes
  • Access to existing Swiss blockchain ecosystem (Crypto-Valley Zug)
  • Access to our virtual innovation and collaboration platform
  • Access to startupbootcamp network
  • Exposure to Swiss financial industry leaders, angel investors, and VCs
  • Funding for:
    • 3 weekend hang-outs in European capitals (2 team members)
    • 1 month office space and accommodation in Zurich

What we expect:

  • Full engagement of the whole team
  • Enthusiasm for what you’re doing
  • Openness to take on mentor advice and refine your business idea if needed
  • Participation in all offered mentoring, feedback sessions, events, meetings, and other activities
  • On-time delivery of milestones
  • Participation of two team-members:
    • During the weekend hang-outs
    • During the f-2-f phase in Zurich



Our mentors

nexuslab focuses on exposing and connecting startups to an expanding community of key mentors and advisors that provide expertise from a multitude industries, roles, and regions vital in growing a business.

These mentors are the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds around and will work hard with our startups to accelerate them.

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